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layers vs. broilers

While our little Red Star and Black Star layers are busy learning how to roost on top of pretty much everything they can get their wings on, 


our Cornish X Rocks are getting huuuuuge. They eat a pound. They gain a pound. They eat another pound. They gain a pound. Basically, they're me on vacation.

And don't even think about telling them they might have to stop eating for the five minutes it takes for them to walk out of their coop because they.can't.even.

They're mean too. Yesterday they cornered the layers and, right before putting their heads down and charging them, gave me a look that said, "Can we just go ahead and eat them too?"

Thankfully those little layers scooted right out an opening in the fence safely to the other side. They probably thumbed their beaks at the meat birds just because they could. 

But don't worry. The layers will have the last laugh. 

On June 30, a nice lady in a nice little Missouri town who works at a nice processing plant will take our not-so-nice meat birds at 6:30 a.m., and by the time we come back, well, let's just say I'll have a nice amount of meat for the freezer and the layers won't have anything to worry about anymore. 

And something tells me they'll like that quite a bit. 

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