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hamburger and fries dessert

In the event you've been called upon to bring dessert to a Fourth of July clambake (even if there are no clams involved), we've got you covered. 

As dairy farmers, we practically have to insist that you take ice cream as your dessert of choice. But if it will melt before the drinks have been poured or if you've already polished off a quart and the party still hasn't started, you still have options. 

Namely, a burger and fry themed treat.

1) Bake a yellow cake mix into cupcakes. Cool. Slice in half. These are your hamburger buns. 

2) Bake a pan of brownies. Use a mix. Ain't nobody got time to make them by scratch this time around! When cooled, cut into small circles that match the size of your hamburger buns. The brownies will double as your hamburgers. 

Also, feel free to eat ALL THE SCRAPS. I totally did . . . in one afternoon. 

Ok, in one hour. 

Don't give me that look. 

3) Using vanilla frosting in the jar, mix with food coloring to create yellow frosting for mustard, red for ketchup and green for lettuce.

4) You can create seeds on top of the buns by using frosting or by using sesame seeds, if you're the kind of person who keeps those on hand for emergency dessert situations just like this.

FYI: I am not.

5) Make a small batch of sugar cookies, or use the refrigerated tube of cookie dough mix from the grocery story. (If there's any left by the time you sneak a bite or two of the dough, that is.) 

Cut the dough into long angled strips, sprinkle with sugar and bake. These are your french fries. Or freedom fries. We're not picky. Bottom line: Regardless of what you call them, make sure they're delicious. 

6) Serve for Father's Day, the Fourth of July, Groundhog Day, Friday, or I'm-Breathing-And-Thus-Craving-Sugar Day, which we like to call every day in our house. 

Happy Fourth! 

What are you eating during your Fourth of July celebration?

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