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Country Christmas Connection 2016


If you have never taken part in a gift exchange, you must start now.

Because if you haven't, you may have missed out on meeting a lovely woman like Brenda who--ok, let's cut to the chase--sent me DONUTS. 

Last year, some farm/ag bloggers took part in Christmas in the Country. Through that, I got to meet Darcy, who sent a spectacular package of goodies. 

This year, I was on the receiving end of equally major generosity from Brenda in rural Minnesota. 

Brenda blogs at Raising a Farmer. She's a wife and a mom, not to mention a dairy farmer who takes care of her family and cows. She also finds time to blog. And be a beekeeper.

And send pregnant ladies donuts. 

That's the kind of amazing lady Brenda is. She pretty much does it all.

And will you just look at that gorgeous honey? It's almost too pretty to use. 


She also included a precious Christmas mobile handmade by her mother-in-law. How did she know red is my favorite color? HOW DID SHE KNOW?

And to top it off, she even indulged the bookworm/author/editor/love of words side of me with this sparkly Christmas bookmark. (I love sparkle! HOW DID SHE . . . oh, wait. I already said that. But seriously.)

Now I just want to eat donuts and finish the Jack Reacher novel I'm only halfway through and pour myself another cup of cocoa with too many marshmallows. 

Isn't she so thoughtful? 

Farming families come in just as many different sizes and shapes as farms themselves. And that's the joy of a gift exchange like this one. Large or small, cow or pig, corn or beans, rice or beef, farmers are about rigorous and important work. 

And when you meet one who makes time--even on top of all that farming demands--to make you feel special and full and happy thanks to a box of thoughtful goodies, you know that's the stuff farm families are made of: real, genuine, kind and determined. 

Also, awesome. 

Because . . . have I mentioned?

She sent donuts! 


Thank you, Brenda!

And thank you to Jenny and Darleen for hosting. (Sorry, ladies. I didn't even save you a donut crumb.)



  1. That looks spectacular!!

  2. Oh man if I had known to demand host rights to the sharing of treats!! ;-) Those donuts look amazing! What a thoughtful and perfect combination in your gift. I'm sure you enjoyed!
    Thanks for joining us again this year! I hope you continue to enjoy your new connection!
    Happy New Year!

    1. I'd like to say I would have shared the donuts with you but . . . I might be fibbing. :) Thanks again for all your hard work!

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