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a one-year-old

This week, our little peach turned a year old.

She had pears and pizza and a bite of brownie for a celebratory meal, but she really just wanted to use her dad as a jungle gym, take off her party hat and stay far, far away from scary balloons.

Everyone tells you that raising children goes quickly, that they grow up too fast, that they'll be ready for college in the blink of an eye.


But just as my farmer and I were taught to wait patiently for each other--it took us almost 30 years to find one another, after all--we're learning to be content with each day the Lord gives us with our little girl, not taking time for granted or wishing that she were older or younger, but simply being thankful that God has given her to our care for as long as He sees fit to do so.

{Oh yeah, and it doesn't hurt that she has a cheeky grin and a cute set of chins either.}


  1. Happy birthday to your little one!

  2. Thank you! That means your little man is a year old too, right?


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