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from cow to table

Someone recently asked: How long does it take for milk to get from the cow to the jug?

Short answer: About 48 hours!

Long answer: Our cows are milked three times a day. The milk leaves the cow and is immediately held in a tank where it's cooled to below 45 degrees as well as tested.

Milk trucks arrive at the farm each day. They transport the milk to Kansas City where it's tested again, pasteurized, homogenized and bottled. 

Then it makes another trip: to the grocery store! By the time it arrives on your grocer's shelves, it's left the cow fewer than 48 hours prior. 

So when it comes to the milk in your refrigerator or that your Cheerios are swimming in as you read this, you can bet the farm on the fact that it's pretty darn fresh! 

PS Check out this video. It'll show you milk's journey from the cow to your table in 48 seconds. Ready, set, go! 

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  1. ...or in the case of a dairy farmer's only takes about 5 minutes! :) Do you guys drink raw milk? We didn't for a long time, but now we use mostly raw milk here.


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