day 13 of farmacology: celebration

One of the things you may not know about farm folks is that

we celebrate. 

Today my father-inlaw, Paul Heins, received the Governor's Award for Agricultural Achievement. 

And that's worth celebrating!

"Missouri's economy depends on the innovation, dedication and resilience of our farm families, who work each and every day to strengthen their communities and feed, fuel and clothe the world," Gov. Nixon said. "Thanks to producers like Paul Heins and Brent Sanddige, Missouri agriculture continues to lead the way." 

Missouri's Director of Agriculture, Richard Fordyce, presented the award on behalf of the governor and made time for a tour of the farm, some good old-fashioned ag chat and even a bite of cheese. 

What does that award mean? That farmers still know how to combine faith, business, family, farming, fun and a lot of hard work. 

And sometimes, just sometimes, other people notice and value it also. 

And that's worth celebrating too! 

So tonight, we're lifting a glass of milk to you, Paul. Thanks to you -- and to all the cows! -- for putting the good stuff on our kitchen tables and in our cereal bowls every morning.

(Ok, and in secret ice cream stashes too.) 

Want to learn more about the award? Click here

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