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#apronstories, part 1

I'm a strong proponent of the apron.

It's like the female version of a tool belt. 

It dries off your hands. It wipes down counters. It catches stray flour when you turn your mixer on too fast and the kitchen is suddenly covered in a fine, white dust. Its pockets hold eggs from the fridge to the counter, or peppers from the garden to the kitchen, or matches from the kitchen to the burn barrel. 

AND it makes you feel like Julia Child, even if you're a pro at turning macaroni and cheese into mush. 

I might be a little bit of an apron hoarder, if there even is such a thing, because really . . . can you have too many aprons? 

Mine hang in our dining room on the door to a closet. And if we're being honest, there's a second whole set that hang on the inside of the door too. 

Don't tell my husband. 

And because I love aprons, I'm on a mission to make them as cool now as they used to be, when they were a sign of femininity and hard work and the home. 

So whether anyone other than my mom reads this post or not, I'm going to start featuring some of my favorite aprons, and I'm hoping you'll do the same on your own blog, so that we can see and appreciate the beauty {and utility!} that is the apron. 

This week, I'm lovin' on this apron from my mom, who turned three flour sacks into three aprons for my sisters and me. 

But these aren't just any flour sacks: they have the names of my family's business on them, back in the day when my grandpa ran a hatchery and feed mill. 

I don't wear this apron for just any occasion. It's too special for that. But every now and then, when my hands are dry and there's little chance for a spill, I'll use this one just to remember my family and who we are and what we stand for. 

And that's more rewarding than not making mushy mac and cheese any day!

Now it's your turn. What apron are you wearing this week? 

Show us your apron by using the hashtag #apronstories on Instagram, or, if you blog a picture of your apron, leave a link in the comments below so we can admire your kitchen attire too!


  1. 33 years of marriage, and I didn't start wearing aprons regularly until this year. You think I woulda learned after ruining many shirts while browning something! My favorite is a rusty-red one, with chickens all over it. I wore it last night to make coq a Riesling. Yes, it was a cruel irony...

  2. This is the best apron ever. Also, I love the fact that you referenced the burn barrel. I can't wait until the day when I have a burn barrel again...and now I have to go buy/make a cute apron to post.

    1. Yes, please do {make that apron, that is}! And if you ever need a burn barrel, we have one here you can use any time you get the itch.

  3. I truly never wear one at home, but reading all about the utility it provides you makes me want to start! I think I have a few tucked away, so I'll work on a post...

    1. Can't wait! I can send roughly 30 aprons over if you're in need of a few to try out. :)

  4. Here is my favorite one!


    1. Do we also get to hear the story of the apron as told by Della? Because I am anxiously awaiting THAT.


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