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10 must-haves when it comes to do-it-yourself coffee

My husband has this striking ability, when the phone rings in the middle of the night with someone from the dairy on the other end, to wake up from a deep sleep, assess the situation and answer coherently. 

I possess not one of those traits. 

He's exceptionally good at forcing himself to be alert. 

Those middle-of-the-night calls, however, are also part of the reason that he loves coffee the next morning. 

Me? I'm still trying to be a grown-up by drinking creamer/sugar/everythingever with a just a splash of coffee tossed in for good measure. 

Potato pohtato. 

I come from a long line of coffee drinkers, so whether it's my husband needing some coffee in the morning because he got out of bed at midnight to go back to help a cow at the dairy, or whether my family's staying at our house and different people are waking up at different times, I like having everything anyone might need to enjoy a cup of coffee ready whenever they want some. 

1. Coffee

Chris has just one requirement for his travel mug: coffee. 

I'm more, shall we say, needy?

2. Creamer or Syrup

I need creamer or syrups or basically anything that will make coffee not taste like coffee. 

Have I told you my theory on how coffee tastes like tree bark? 

Well, it goes like this . . . I think coffee tastes like tree bark. 

(Side note: There's this pretty awesome thrift store my mom and I go to near our hometown. We ran across this little coffee tin, which didn't have a lid, but it was 50 cents, so . . . obviously.)

3. Coffee Filters

We have a coffee pot plugged in and ready to go, right next to filters and a coffee grinder but . . . 

4. French Press

we also set out our French press. Sometimes my farmer likes to savor a really good cup of coffee while reading a really good book, and for as hard as he works, I think coffee in a French press is the least he deserves! 

For the non-coffee lovers among us (me! me!), we have a few options too. 

5. Electric Tea Kettle 

One of the wedding gifts we use the most is our electric tea kettle. That thing boils water for tea, mac and cheese, you name it. We use it at least once a day. (Thanks, Oster!) 

Sometimes a cup of tea is just what you need to get you through the afternoon . . . or, if you're like me, to warm you up if you're perpetually freezing. 

6. Tea

We keep a variety of tea bags on hand, so whether you're an English Breakfast or an Earl Grey aficionado, you're always welcome to pour yourself a cup at our house. 

7. Honey

A certain farmer I know adds a gloop of honey to his tea, especially if he has a sore throat, so we keep that close at hand too. 

8. Cocoa

And then, if you're like me and have an unhealthy love of sugar, some cocoa is definitely in order. 

The kind with the mini marshmallows, of COURSE.

9. Drink Mixes

For the folks who don't like coffee or aren't feeling tea or cocoa, we keep some individual mixes for cold drinks on hand--like peach tea and lemonade--and for hot drinks too--Starbucks Vias and peppermint mochas.

10. Mugs/Cups

And, of course, we need something to put all these delicious drinks in, so we leave a handful of cups at the ready. It saves your guests from having to say, "If I were a coffee mug, I'd be in . . . which cupboard?" for the twelfth time that morning. 

A coffee station is a fun way to keep all the ingredients for a hot, steamy cup of goodness in one, easy-to-find spot, but it's also helpful when you're entertaining guests. Does your dad get up before you? Does your sister drink a pot of coffee before 8:00 a.m.? Do your nieces want to try an iced coffee, heavy on the creamer? Thanks to a coffee station, they can . . . and all while you're still drying your hair in the bathroom. 

Now comes the real question: What do you drink to wake up in the morning? And more importantly, what do you add to it?


  1. I like Bullet Proof Coffee because it's a meal in a cup and I'm efficient that way. :-) Especially first thing in the morning.

  2. This is so fun! I love that you have a coffee station, and you don't even care for coffee. I also love the tree bark description. I always say it tastes like dirty dishwater. My tastebuds are just not mature enough for it I guess. Barf.


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