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"call the calves" contest winner

We know you could be choosing to be on edge by watching American Idol. 
Maybe biting your nails over The Voice. 
Sitting on the edge of your seat for Wheel of Fortune. 
Peeking between your fingers at Jeopardy, just for good measure. 
But you chose to take part in something even more nerve-wracking: a contest that names two cute little gray bovines

We loved hearing the names you came up with, and we're excited to announce that the votes have been tallied, the guys at the dairy have determined, and the calves will be named . . . 

Sir Loin and . . . 


{Glenn Niemann, as the winner, please shoot me a Facebook message and we'll get a cow print on its way to you ASAP.}

And for the rest of you who submitted names and were wondering, the votes came in this way:

  1. Sir Loin and T-Bone - five votes
  2. Quantrill and Bell - three votes
  3. Ulysses and Julia - two votes
  4. Dorian and Lady - one vote

Smokey and Elsa, the names submitted by our nieces and nephews, would have won the day with a sturdy six votes, but isn't there some rule against family members taking part in contests?

Thanks again for helping to name our gray calves, and stay tuned for future posts on the #adventuresofsirloinandtbone! 

The General 


  1. These babies are SO pretty with their white and grey. Do tell what breed(s) they are, pretty please! I love the names -- Sir Loin in particular.

  2. Aren't they? They are actually all Holstein, according to Chris. We also have one gray bull, named Gandalf (of course!). He says there are red Holsteins too. Who knew?

    Thinking of you and all your animals, especially this time of year. If we could send piping hot chocolate your way to help you thaw out, we would!


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