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parfaits, dairy style

June is Dairy Month, which basically means that if you needed an excuse to eat a vat of cheese for supper tonight, this month is it. 
Not that you need an excuse to eat cheese. 
I'd be eating it for every meal every day if I hadn't married the picture of health who keeps pushing grapes and apples my way. 

So if gobbling down cheese slices or sticks or squares isn't your preferred method of dairy consumption, try making a healthy dairy and fruit parfait. 
This recipe is also really hard to make, so follow me closely here:
1) Pour some quick-cook oats in the bottom of a bowl. 
2) Add just enough milk to get the oats wet. 
3) Let the oats soak in the milk for a few minutes. (This gives you time to scarf down cheese.)
4) Plop some yogurt on top of the oats. 
5) Dump some granola on top of the yogurt.
6) Cover with all the fruits you like. 
7) Try not to talk with your mouth full. 
Oh, wait. That was actually super easy. Weird how that works. 

This farmer eats these parfaits down to the very last piece of granola every time I make them, so you can be assured they're tasty, healthy and filling. 
Plus, adding milk and yogurt to your breakfast loads you up on protein and calcium, and who doesn't want a strong brain and bones? 
Sorry. You're going to have to answer that. 
My mouth is full of cheese. 

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