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farm to farm table

One of the joys of marriage is learning more about your spouse. 
And one of the startling discoveries you'll make is . . . wait for it . . . men and women have different taste in decorating. 
I, for instance, would live like it were the 1950s: Pyrex, red and turquoise, vinyl, metal drink carriers, high heels and pearls, embroidered pillowcases, 7-Up and card clubs. 
Chris would live like it were the 1850s: lots of wood, earth tones, and books as far as the eye can see. 
Come to think of it: I'm warming up to all of those things too. 
He's a good one, that farmer.
But one thing we already love that isn't red or vinyl is our new-to-us farm table, courtesy of a fire fighter in Lincoln, Neb., and his sweet wife, who needed a little extra room in their house for their growing family.

He's already taking measurements to make his own some day--a bigger one--to fit all of our nieces and nephews, sisters and brothers, brothers-in-laws and sisters-in-laws, moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas. 
Ok, maybe not all. 
But a bunch. 

The fire fighter and his wife had someone make the table for them out of 100+ year-old wood. 
I am imagining that, if the Lord chooses to bless us with children, we will one day have 100+ peas shoved through that hole and I will spend 100+ hours picking them out of the carpet after they have been deposited on the floor. 
And it turns out, that's just one more thing we couldn't agree on more.  


  1. I'm guessing your kids will love peas and fight over who gets to eat the last one.
    Love the table. But now I have one more thing added to my to do list. I'm already building a new sermon every week in my head and it's getting crowded up there.

    1. You just need a secretary. You can saw and hammer and dictate your sermon all at once!

  2. confessionalcookMay 12, 2014 at 6:40 PM

    I wouldn't recognize that boy without an apple in his hand!

  3. There will also be thousands of hours worth of coloring, cookie decorating, Matchbox car driving, LEGO building, glueing and glittering all done on that table. And then there will be the things your kids do. :)

  4. I had that butter dish, until my beloved husband broke it. And I must confess, I covet that table.

    1. Let's have a moment of silence for that butter dish. That's a tragedy indeed.

  5. This post is fun. Your personality really comes through in your writing, which is a rarity these days.

    1. Thanks, Kerry! It's nice to meet you on and off IG. Love your posts!

  6. It's beautiful. I love earthy, old treasures with character.


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