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Another Day in the Life of Blackjack

Few farm dogs have it better than Blackjack. 
He pretends to be a cattle dog.
He sleeps in the air-conditioned office.
He chases tractors and trucks in and out of the dairy.
He rides in the back of Chris's pick-up. 
Basically, he lives in a doggie dream world.
I mean, this pup's never worked a day in his life. 
Unless you deem the following "work:"
Chasing the Gator.
Chasing Chris. 
Chasing anything that blows in the wind. 
Chasing his tail. 
Chasing his nose. 
Chasing sounds. 
If it moves, he's chasing it. 
Which brings this conversation full circle and is to say, he's not working. 
Can you spot him loafing in this photo?


This is just a picture of a field of rye.
Just wanted to make sure you were paying attention. 

Yep, Blackjack has it pretty good. 
When it comes to this dog, it's all play and no work.
Stay tuned, however, for the next installment of Blackjack's life entitled: "Blackjack and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Meet-Up" or, as its lesser known title indicates, "It's Harder Than It Looks to Befriend a Dairy Cow: A Story of My Life by Blackjack the Dog."


  1. I think Blackjack and "Hank the Cowdog" could be really good friends!

    1. Hank the Cowdog books are the best! I was JUST thinking he and Hank could be fast friends.

  2. He sounds rather like my dogs. Pretending to be "working" all day, but really they're living the dream life. :-) I'll be waiting eagerly for the next installment.

    Calvin, our more adventurous dog, once got kicked by a twitchy Jersey, so I think I have some idea where this is going...

  3. Awe, he's such a sweet dog! I got to meet him last summer when the RDs toured the dairy farm.


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