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Here I Swap: Mug Swap 2022 - now closed!

Six years of mug swapping is about to go down. I hope you ladies are ready. Six years! Back when I first started the mug swap, I remember thinking, "Why should all the crafty blogger ladies have all the fun swapping mugs and making friends? Lutherans can do it too." Something like 150 of you signed up that year, and then the number almost doubled the next. It goes to show that Lutherans really can care for one another and care about one another. So keep up the good work, ladies! 

As with every year, I've got good news and bad news. The bad news is that every year, there's a handful of ladies who sign up and then don't end up sending a mug. It really bugs me. And I know it's especially disappointing to the couple of ladies who don't get a mug. So, please, if there's a remote chance you'll forget, not follow through, or change your mind about this down the road, please X out of your browser now.

The good news: I'm ready to start gathering names and info!

 Now, let me also just be real with you for a moment: My primary vocation is wife and mother. As a result, I won't be snappy in responding to emails. My children and homeschooling and making sure my husband is well stocked with homemade salsa come first. That may mean that it feels like you're waiting forever to be paired up. (I promise it won't actually be forever. Just check back on the FB group now and then. I'll keep it updated.) I do ask for and appreciate your patience. There's nothing in this for me other than seeing you ladies connect up over our shared love of Christ Jesus, our Lord, and our Lutheran Confessions. 

And mugs.

 With all those caveats, let's get this show on the road.

 1. After you fill out this form, I'm going to pair you up with another Lutheran gal and send you both the information you'll need to know about one another (names and addresses, etc.). That means that you must fill out the form in its entirety--with correct email addresses and zip codes and the whole shebang.

2. Put together a little care package for her. Add as many goodies to the package as you'd like -- as long as it doesn't cost you more than $20.00 -- but you have to at least include a mug. (Thus . . . a mug swap.)

3. Stick that package in the mail! Sending an email to your swap buddy to let her know it's on its way won't hurt either. (Keep in mind that mailing something also has a cost.)

4. Wait for your package to arrive. If you don't get it around the time it should arrive, send an email to your swap buddy and politely check in.

 If you're 21 or older, sign up by clicking this link and filling out the form. 

  • Sign-ups close mid-September, and you'll receive information on your swap friend within the next few weeks. (Yes. It may take me that long. I'm not getting any younger, people.)
  • Send the mug/package by October 15!
  • Post a picture of your swap package when it arrives. Use the hashtag #hereiswap2022 on Instagram, Facebook, or whatever socials you're currently digging.
  • Finally, I'm hoping this swap remains a helpful, joyful way for Lutheran women to encourage each other, but unfortunately, I can't be held responsible for your partner's actions. If she doesn't send you a package, feel free to follow up with her via email or tag her on Facebook. Let the Law do its work.
  • Now let's get swapping!

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