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All I Want for Christmas Is . . . Dairy

Anyone else meal planning for the week of Christmas in a semi-frantic state because you just realized that it's Thursday and Christmas is Wednesday and WHAT ARE WE FEEDING ALL THE PEOPLE?

My family always ate chili and oyster stew on Christmas Eve. 

And by "my family," I mean that my mom made oyster stew and my grandparents ate it and thankfully no one asked me to take a bite because there FOR SURE would have been coal in my stocking when I gagged it right back up. 

Oyster stew. Pffff.

Thankfully, Lauren Lane did not serve oyster stew when we gathered at her home a few nights ago. I mean, she probably could have made it and it probably would have even tasted good but let's not take chances, people. I can live dangerously but not like that.  


Instead, she set a beautiful table, kept our wine and water glasses filled, and welcomed us into her home and kitchen with kindness and grace. 

She stirred, and we ate. She plated things, and we dug right in. She cooked, and we felt cared for.

We were quite the crew -- from food bloggers and chefs to dietitians and TV show hosts (and me . . . the farmer . . . except for the part where I just keep the real farmer fed, caffeinated and never lacking for clean work jeans) -- and Lauren kept us all fed, laughing, and oohing and ahhing over her menu, which featured dairy in every course.

Yes. You read that correctly. 



From a gorgonzola souffle . . . 


to ricotta gnocchi with tomato butter sauce and milk-braised pork with herbs . . . 

to a vanilla bean panna cotta with berries, which, to be fair, I would have eaten for every course.

Speaking of meal plans, I've added that panna cotta to our Christmas Day dessert menu because I'm not Scrooge and you won't catch me withholding that deliciousness from anybody.


It was such a treat to meet people who not only eat dairy, but who create recipes that include it, cook with it, encourage others to benefit from its nutritional value, and love it as much as we do.

Look at all that joy right there. It's all from dairy!

Ok, it's really from Lauren's cooking but it included dairy so it's basically the same.

(Good job, cows!)

Frantically meal planning? Take a breath. Our cows have you covered. Step away from the oven. Put down the baking mitts. Lauren's taken care of you for at least one meal with a post on how to host a wine and cheese party perfect for any night of the upcoming 12 days of Christmas.

And while you're pouring that glass of wine and slicing up some delicious cheese, know how grateful we are that you love to drink milk, lick the bottom of your ice cream bowl, and spoon granola over your yogurt.

You're the best.

(Well, actually Lauren's panna cotta is the best, but you're a really close second.)

Merry Christmas! 

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