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Easter brunch menu


It's confession time: I don't like ham.

I know.

My dad's a pork producer.

Bacon put me through college.

I have many a hog to thank for where and who I am today.

But I remain undeterred: I still don't like ham.

Easter at my grandma's house made me wish for four stomachs. It was filled with appetizers and dips and creamed corn and creamy pea and lettuce salads and rolls slathered in butter and Jello layers upon Jello layers and . . . what my ten-year-old self deemed rubbery, gross, yuck ham.

Or as my sister-in-law aptly put it: "Some are fatty and taste rubbery and overly salty and you practically have to rip it out of your mouth to get a bite and then chew for 5 minutes." 

Of course, she also pointed out that it may have been the TYPE of ham my grandma served or maybe the preparation method, both valid points.

Or it may have just been me. Until recently, I didn't like steak for the same reasons. Way too much chewing for a small amount of meat, IMO.

Ok, it's definitely me. 

So until I master the art of the ham, we're going an Easter brunch route this year instead: cheesy baked grits, peppered bacon, brown sugar pecan coffee cake, fruit and granola pizza, and a dish filled with sausage and cheese and eggs, which I may or may not share with anyone else in attendance. For starters.

And a dear friend who is joining us has graciously offered to bring a double chocolate trifle, and now I basically just want to skip lunch and go straight to dessert.

Also . . . mimosas. Not for me, regrettably, but for our guests.

So now that that's out of the way, help a girl out. What are your ham recommendations? What are your go-to recipes? How do you guarantee it won't be like eating a rubber chicken for Easter lunch?

And if you're in a sharing mood, what's on your Easter menu?

I'm curious and all ears!

{But for the record, I still don't like ham.}

P.S. Sorry, Dad.


  1. Well, if the taste of ham isn't the issue, you could chop it up really tiny and add it to an eggy dish. Or you could food-process it and make ham salad (by adding mayo and pickle relish) to put on tiny little rolls or crackers.

    1. Ham salad sounds delish! I like how you think. :)

  2. I've never liked Ham either, but, bacon. Give me bacon! My grandparents always had Turkey on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. Mother's Day and Father's Day they did the best pork steaks EVER! I miss those and our family gatherings.

    1. Oh yes, all the bacon. Are pork steaks a regional thing? I had never heard of them until I moved to Missouri!

  3. I'm right there with you! I could never get on board with ham or pork. For some reason, I gravitate toward quiche on Easter. It feels springy and cheerful, and there's nary a ham in sight.

    1. Do you have a go-to quiche recipe? I could eat it, well, pretty much every day.

  4. Those cheesy grits sound delicious! I love ham...especially the way my brother in law makes I'll eat your share! Oh. The baked corn. And cheesy potatoes...can't forget them either!

    1. What's your baked corn recipe? That sounds delicious!

  5. We are going to go with honey/lavender pork loin with a big side of cheesy hash browns casserole. Or maybe after two church services and all the other Easter festivities at Church we'll just have pizza.

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