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speaking a new language


Do any of you moms ever stop for a moment and wonder -- should anyone listen in on a conversation between you and your children -- if other people would think you were absolutely nuts?

Or speaking a foreign language?

Maybe, like, an Elven one.

In our house, "heifers" are referred to by the 2-year-old as "cow peppers."

"Headbands" are "hedgehogs."

"Flashlights" are "cheeseburgers," because you turn the flashlight on, shine it in your eyes, blink as though you are being blinded because you ARE, and then say, "Cheeeeeeeeeeseburger!"


"Little People" figures are "many peoples."

Disney princess dominoes are "playing with friends."

"Donuts" are "bacon."

Do you see my dilemma? It's like learning a brand new language, except there are no vocab flashcards and the grammar rules change by the moment.

No one ever told me being an English major mom to a 2-year-old could be this linguistically sticky.


I think I need a bacon.

1 comment:

  1. Hahahahaah! We know all about the language dilemma over here. As you know. Drrrrrr. There. I said monkey. And now I'm craving a huge, juicy flashlight. Yes!


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