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we grew pumpkins, people!

In case you've missed out on this week's installment of the Zucchini Wars: Forget Zombies, These Are Way Worse, we are losing. 

To quote Lieutenant General Chesty Puller of the United States Marine Corps, "They're on our left. They're on our right. They're in front of us. They're behind us. They can't get away this time!"

Loosely translated, THEY'RE TAKING OVER. 

But you didn't stop by to talk about zucchini. 


Can we instead talk about the fact that there are pumpkins on my porch that have not been eaten by dogs? 

This may not seem like a blog worthy post to you, but I stopped putting up any outdoor decorations after year 1 of marriage. The Christmas wreath got chewed up. A bunting on the deck was -- I don't know -- eaten presumably? Corn husks were dragged across the yard and dismantled. Pumpkins were gnawed apart. You name it and our dogs attempted their best to destroy it. 

So there our deck sat -- alone and sad and decorationless -- until this year. 

Thanks to my father-in-law and a couple of gates, no dogs are anywhere on the deck. And they're certainly nowhere near the pumpkins -- or "poppins" as the toddler calls them -- we somehow managed to grow ourselves.  


My sister gave my farmer some pumpkin seeds from a massive pumpkin patch near her house -- the kind that sells season passes because there's so much to see and do there -- and they didn't disappoint. 

Not bad considering I weeded them about three times, watered them about the same, and then watched them take over the garden. 

Well, the part of the garden that wasn't being ransacked by guerilla zucchini plants taking no prisoners. 


We grabbed some corn stalks from the field, a handful of mums from the 'Marts, and called it a day. 

A good day, because have I mentioned? NONE OF THE DOGS ARE EATING MY DECORATIONS. 

Next question: What's the verdict on spraypainting zucchini orange and pretending they're decorative squash?

Asking for a . . . friend.


  1. Those dang guerilla zucchinis. Love your deck!

  2. I have a pumpkin/winter squash fetish. They are my favorite things to grow. I love all he shapes and colors. Our problem is deer in the garden, but some have survived!

    1. How do you keep them from taking over the rest of your garden? I feel like we need two gardens now, or they will overtake every other poor plant who just wants a shot at life. :)

    2. We have a large garden and give lots and lots of room to grow. And then they still take over some of the pathways and other things.

  3. Did you build a deck gate or buy a gate? We are trying to figure out a gate situation on our deck stairs for our little crawler.

    1. The construction company built a gate and installed a latch so no one is falling down stairs and no dogs are running up them. Here's hoping you come up with a good solution too!

  4. Can you please come to Nebraska and decorate my porch to be that cute? kthanks.

  5. Your decor looks great! Yay for fall!

    1. Thank you! And for the record, zucchini turn orange all on their own when left out in the sun. :)


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