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World Milk Day

I still remember, standing in the middle of our gravel lane as a little girl, hearing a friend of mine say in awe, "You mean bacon comes from those!?" as she pointed a little finger at a pen full of hogs. "I thought it came from the grocery store!"


Fast forward 25 years down the road, and she's as interested in where her food comes from as she's always been . . . but even farther removed from it than ever.

That might be you too!

So on World Milk Day, (1) please know how grateful I am that you buy and drink and love milk. As the wife of a dairy farmer, I'm grateful. (2) Can I also encourage you to think beyond your grocery store when it comes to food? 

Wonder where the spices came from.

Google how romaine lettuce is grown.

See if someone in your area raises chickens and will show you how it's done.

You may not live on a farm.


You may have never seen a hog, or thought much about where bacon came from; never gotten close to a cow, or considered that milk doesn't spontaneously create itself in the grocery store freezer.


But milk doesn't care. Milk's just glad you love its delicious, creamy self.

And we are too. 

So here's to milk: the best partner available when it comes cookie dipping, Cheerio soaking, rhubarb crisp dousing, and post-workout gulping.

Milk, it's your day!


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