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designated survivor

Farm dogs have a way of . . . providing more farm dogs. 

They visit neighboring farm dogs, and then they visit some more, and then a few months later, both farms are suddenly overrun with puppies. 

Petunia and Blackjack had just such a visit. Or several. 

And before we knew it, there were little yelps coming from under the porch, and Petunia was growling like a polar bear when anyone even breathed in her general direction. 

Last year, she had a litter of eight. One pup wandered off while out on a walk with his mother. But the others all found lovely homes and lived happily ever after, as farm dogs are sometimes prone to do. 

This time, however, of Petunia's 9 puppies, only one survived. Maybe she laid on the other or her milk supply stinks or they were born too early. We're not sure. But we do know this little peanut is still alive and well . . . and hearty . . . and a squealer. 

So while he's no Kiefer Sutherland in 24, he alone lived to see another day, even if he's strangely never interested in CTU, protecting presidents or saving humanity. 

And so, in the same but action-diminished spirit, we give you . . . the Designated Survivor. 


  1. Oh goodness, my kids need this puppy for Christmas.

  2. He is actually ADORABLE!! And looks more like a door stop than a real puppy.

  3. Is getting your dog fixed not an option? Who gets the pup?

    1. We have a friend who is planning on taking him!


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