fall weather

The poor weather around here can't make up its mind if it's August or November. 

One day it's 80. The next it's 60. 

My immune system doesn't know if it should ramp up or give up. 

Our Great Pyrenees comes out from the shade of the deck only to turn around and go right back under. 

Not that we're complaining. 

Warm days mean walks on our gravel road and windows open at night to let the cool breeze in. 

It means happy cows and the chance to finish extra projects outside before the snow flies. 

It means a lovely combination of cold peach tea and hot cocoa . . . all in the same day! 

It means trips back to Iowa and to the pumpkin patch, 

sunrises and earlier sunsets, 

fat pumpkins and warm soups and big salads. 

Before we know it, Jack Frost will decorate the windows and farmers will be wearing flannels and vests. 

So for now, we're enjoying the dust whipping up on the gravel roads, planning Thanksgiving meals, pureeing pumpkin from the garden, and the crisp, sweet snap of the first of the pomegranates from the grocery store. 

How are you enjoying this beautiful fall weather? 

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