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mac and cheese, if you please

I have a little . . . problem . . . on my hands. My husband likes to eat fruits, vegetables and meat. He's a healthy eater. He also doesn't mind leftovers.

I, on the flip side, like to eat like a six-year-old. I like carbs, carbs, carbs and, oh yes, carbs. I could spend my days eating macaroni and cheese, tomato soup and grilled cheese, donuts, tacos, pasta . . .

Well, heck. Now I'm hungry.

And while we're on the subject, I didn't start calling leftovers "rotten over things" as a three-year-old for no good reason. I love eating leftovers cooked by other people, but I refuse to eat leftovers I've made myself. So even if that eggplant parmesan was actually quite delicious, it's a one-time only deal in my book.

This usually translates into me making my husband ham and lentil soup for supper while I eat a bowl of Rice Krispies. Because . . . six-year-old.

This isn't really a sustainable eating style. At some point, our family is going to sit down and eat one meal together: mom, pop and all the kiddos. This won't be like a Golden Corral buffet where everyone is eating something different. That just won't work.

So, help a girl out. I obviously need to expand my palette and get over my issue with leftovers. But how?

Please send help.

And donuts.


  1. I used to be just like you. I hated leftovers, especially if I had cooked them. Potatoes, bread, noodles, donuts. Yummy, yummy, yummy. Here's where things changed for me. 1. Our family got bigger, life got busier, finances got tighter & I couldn't afford to be so picky any more. I realized that every meal didn't have to be something I adored eating, it just needed to get the job done. 2. Three pregnancies with gestational diabetes put me at very high risk to develop Type II diabetes. I did the math one day (I know!) & figured out that I'll be 60 when my youngest is 18. My love affair with carbs had to end. I got serious about what I was putting into my body because my kids need a healthy mama. And I found out that veggies really are delicious, especially if prepared with butter or bacon fat:) That's just my story. As far as it translates to you, I would suggest cooking meals that freeze well. And I don't care what people say about what freezes well (noodles, etc.), there's a lot of misinformation out there about that. I mean choose meals that freeze well with no loss in taste (bean & lentil soups, shredded chicken, etc.). Then maybe you can freeze your leftovers & have them the next month so that they seem new again. Melissa

    1. You are right! I'm learning vegetables aren't horrible and I really do crave meat. So, eating well for my children and, well, sucking it up and dealing are both good reasons. Thank you!

  2. "Warmed over flavor" is a real (unsavory) thing and I've found that reheating foods gently makes a big difference in the flavor. I love using 70% power on the microwave or reheating on the stovetop.


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