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may baskets, year 2

Georgia and I are trying to bring back an old tradition: the May basket. 

We're all about the idea that children should give gifts to adults instead of always the other way around. 

We're also big fans of ringing doorbells and running. That part's kind of fun. 

So this year we loaded up our baskets with some flower seeds, cookies in the shapes of earthworms and ladybugs, and an egg laid right here on our farm with a cheery message stamped on it. 

Or at least a reminder of what day it is.

Also, isn't it interesting that "May Day" on an egg means something very different than listing it twice?

"May Day! May Day!" 


Not the same. 

We stopped by the neighbors' houses and some of our family's homes. We left baskets off with some folks and stuck them in the doors for others. And we had a pile of fun doing it!

This May Day, the sun may not have been shining. The weather may not have been too warm. But Georgia's sweet smile saved the day.  (And her dad's too . . . sort of.)

So, yes. We're bringing back the old-school tradition: May Day celebrations, goodies in a basket, ringing and running. 

Next year, won't you join us? 



  1. This sounds like a GREAT idea!!

  2. I wish this tradition would make a comeback, I'm going to do this with my grandson, always did this with my daughter! Yours were beautiful!! So glad to see you doing this with your family.

  3. So fun! I'd love to see one of these on my doorstep!


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