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the eggs and I

Remember last APRIL when we got our chicks in the mail? Like, you know, FOREVER AGO?

Also, I'm using caps lock a lot in this post because of the fact that it's ELEVEN MONTHS LATER and we FINALLY got ONE egg. 

Ok, I'll stop. 


Turns out all that clucking going on actually produces results. Really pretty results!

Also, I may have just done a happy dance when I found the first egg.


In a chicken coop. 

Don't judge. 

I don't think you people realize how I was pretty much giving up all hope that these birds would ever lay an egg.

We started out with five hens and a rooster and now we're down to three hens and no rooster. 

It's a long story. 

A long, painful story. 

As in, remind me to tell you about the time I almost ran over a chicken with my car. Gah. The memory is still painful. But honestly, how did she NOT SEE ME COMING?

There I go with the caps lock again. 

Let's just rejoice that the lost has been found, shall we?

So bring on the omelettes and made-from-scratch cakes. WE HAVE EGGS!

Caps lock . . . signing off. 


  1. I did the exact same thing when we go our first egg...after about 8-9 months! I couldn't believe it...I actually grilled my sister to make sure she hadn't planted it in the nesting boxes!! Turns out we didn't have enough light in the chicken coop. All they need is the equivalent of a 25 watt light bulb, 14 hours a day. When there is light, they eat, and when they eat...they produce eggs!

    1. I have heard that light is the golden ticket. Who knew?

      What kinds of chickens do you have? We're curious learners over here!


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