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day 4 of farmacology: what do farmers eat?

One of the things you may not know about farm folks is that

we don't just eat meat and potatoes. 

I mean, I'd be fine eating steak and cheesy, buttery, herby mashed potatoes all week long, but we don't. Usually. 

A farmer's day usually entails a lot of physical labor, so it's not surprising that meat and potatoes are staples. Carb up and protein on! 

But we also actually also like wine and cheese, and BBQ and sweet potato fries, and butternut squash and alfredo-stuffed shells, and chicken enchiladas and homemade salsa (which I may or may not generally make just a shade too hot). 

We eat casseroles. We eat jello. We drink milk with our supper. 

But we also like jambalaya, and beet galettes with thyme and gorgonzola, and tangy sauces in chicken wraps, and edamame a hint of garlic and just a bit of salt and pepper. 

We're not foodies, but we do pay attention to what people are eating. After all, we produce food, and we're not going to sell a product we don't love ourselves. 

So don't be surprised when you come over for supper if we dish you up some Iowa corn chowder -- complete with a cup or two of cream -- or some steaks from cows we've raised, or Cowboy Caviar with corn from our garden. 

We like the staples, but we like our spinach tortellini soup too. So what if we have to eat an entire pot in one sitting to get us through the rest of the afternoon's work? There's always meat and potatoes for supper.  

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