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day 10 of farmacology: things that go bump in the dryer

One of the things you may not know about farm folks is that

we find weird things in our laundry. 

It's not uncommon to find things like, say, Kleenex in your dryer. Or stuck to your fleece pajama pants. Or in a little trail from where you put on said fleece pajama pants to wherever it is you're currently sitting. 

Ok. So by "you" I mean "me." 

But do you find tools in your dryer? 

What about pocket knives? 

Pieces of fencing? 

Ear plugs? 

What about corn kernels?

Business cards from seed reps?

Ah, yes.

Then you, too, might be a farmer's wife. 

PS Some lovely bloggers and their kiddos toured the dairy a couple of weeks ago and even joined us for lunch. You can see more about their visit and their thoughts on knowing where milk comes from at Sugar Bee Crafts with a sweet post by Mandy. 

Want to read more of my 31 day farmacology writing challenge? Click here. 

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