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silage 2015

Silage season is wrapping up, which translates to happy farmers, happy cows and happy wives. 

The farmers are happy because the corn is chopped. The cows are happy because they love eating. And the wives are happy that they get to see their husbands again!

And that they don't have to come up with another variation on a sandwich for a hungry farmer to wolf down.

Hey, making ham and turkey taste exciting and new requires some serious innovation after a while. 

The last step, when the silage is all chopped and packed, requires everybody to pitch in to cover the bunker silo with plastic. 

Then they spend an entire morning (and sometimes the better part of a day) tossing hundreds of tires on top of the plastic to seal the whole kit and caboodle right on up. 

If the silage isn't properly covered and sealed, air and rain can seep into the silage and spoil the whole pile. The feed gets moldy, nutrients are lost, the cows don't milk as well and it's a bad deal all around. 

So while it's hot and sweaty work, it's important. 

Plus, there's usually a lot of laughter involved. 

Some people are celebrating the onset of fall or football or apple cider or bonfires.

Here on the farm, we're celebrating those too . . . but we just might be even more excited about well-harvested silage that's packed tightly, covered properly and sealed soundly. 

Hey, no one ever said it took much to make us happy! 

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