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I don't really drink coffee. No, it's actually more like . . . I drink cream with a splash of coffee. 

And although coffee seems so much more adult-ish than drinking liquid chocolate, I really am perfectly content just downing lots of cocoa with equal parts marshmallows. 

So it may seem a little odd that I signed up for @cuppakim's #mugswap15, when in reality I should be signing up for CrunchWrap Supreme swaps or mac-and-cheese swaps or cookies-and-ice-cream swaps. 

I guess those are kind of hard to send in the mail or something.

Kim opens the swap up for a couple of hours, just enough time for a certain amount of people to sign up (this year around 2,000). You fill out a form indicating your style type, what you like you to drink and any information you think may help your swap buddy find the perfect mug for you. 

And no, I didn't say my style was "grilled cheese with a side of tomato soup."

But come to think of it, it pretty much is. 

Say, is anyone else hungry or is it just me?

It IS just me?

Well then.

Kim then sends out assignments with information about the gal you're sending a mug to and gives you a deadline by which it's got to go in the mail. Come on, August 22! 

It's fun to find the perfect mug, but it's just as fun to hunt for or craft some other goodies to add to the package so that the poor dear doesn't open up her mailbox one day and wonder why the postman left a random cup of coffee sitting there, kind of like how my mom loves to leave half-drunk cups of coffee in the microwave.

Oh. Hi, Mom. 

Even better? I spent less than $5 on this package for a gal whose style is "vintage farmhouse."

The donuts and notebook were each a dollar at Target. The rest of the items were crafted from goodies I had at home or nabbed from a little tub of gifts I keep on hand for all the times I forget people's birthdays (which are many). I made some homemade cards with pictures I've taken of cows. I put together a little magnet (again with the cows) to pretty up her fridge. I pulled out some vintage recipe cards that I found a few months ago at a thrift store. I unwrapped one of the pens I nabbed from the dollar bin at Michael's around Christmas. I stamped some chicken tags for her and even added a 20 cent package of seeds that never got planted this year.


And did I mention that I didn't eat the donuts while putting this little package together? Because I definitely wanted to.

This happy little vintage box of goodness will go into the mailbox this weekend . . . and then I'll sit back and wait for my swap partner to send me hot chocolate. And CrunchWrap Supremes. With mac and cheese. I'm just sure she will. And don't worry. I'm not picky. I promise. 

Have you ever participated in a craft swap?


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