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farming meets springtime

We're just one day away from spring, but here in Missouri, we've already enjoyed some seriously warm weather. 

Give us a couple of 70 degrees days, and we're off to the races. 

And by "us," I mean my farmer. 

He's busy hauling manure, getting ready for planting season and listening to me try to explain how I want to build a teepee out of hedge posts so that morning glory vines can wind around it and make a cool fort for our nieces and nephews. 

He really loves that last one. I can tell by the look in his eye. Or maybe that's desperation. I won't quibble. 

In the meantime, my dog is laying in a hole in the garden trying to stay cool in the dirt (I think he's wishing he really did live in the Pyrenees about now) while Blackjack is, uh, well . . . 

what exactly IS he doing anyway?

He stayed in this position in the dairy office for a good twenty minutes, so either those dreams of chasing rabbits actually do exist or he's really just as odd as we think he is.

I'm gonna go with the latter. 

Outside, the calves are looking just as cute as ever . . . even with big dribbles of water hanging off their bottom lips. 

Fun fact: Did you know that, instead of an upper row of teeth, cows have a tough pad that works in conjunction with their bottom teeth to grind up food? 

{Side note: There's a great story about the time my dad and uncle were just starting farming, and they bought a herd of cows and then freaked out because they didn't have any teeth. I'm sure they appreciate being reminded of that, but heck, it cracks ME up every time.}

Yep. That's what our almost-spring days are looking like: weird dogs and cutie little calves with bottom teeth.

What does spring look like where you are?


  1. I need to come take pictures of your cows. Like now. They pretty much seem like the nicest cows I have seen.

    1. Please do. Especially the babies. They will love you.

    2. Me too.


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