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july 11: cow appreciation day

To most people, July 11 is just another day. They'll get up and eat their oatmeal, watch the morning news while yawning over coffee, and head off to work. They'll come home and kick off their loafers, eat some semi-cold pizza and call it a day.
But what they don't know--what they will have missed--is the real purpose of July 11.
Because July 11 is . . . drum roll, please . . . 
So, to all the cows out there, working hard to provide healthy milk, which that benefits your muscles, how well you sleep, your hair, teeth, nails, skin and even bones . . . 
I appreciate you. 
Little 2121, I appreciate you.

And you there, the only cow in the entire pasture that looked my way despite the fact that I was hooting and hollering and waving my arms to get the rest of the herd's attention, I appreciate you too. 

To the sleek girl that appears to be giving me some sass, I appreciate you. 
{Also, your friend there has a pretty sweet toupee.}

And to those of you who looked down on me laying in the grass taking your picture and didn't kick mud my way, well, shucks, I appreciate you as well. 

To the teenager that looks like she got into her mom's eyeliner, I appreciate you. 

And to this little gal who's attempting the bovine version of the duck face, I appreciate you too.

To the photobomber who didn't want the bull getting all the attention, hey, you know what? You made it onto Facebook!
Oh, and I appreciate you.

And to this gal hoofing it through the pasture while I tried to keep up, I appreciate the heck out of you too. 

To all the cows that we work hard to take care of and who work hard to take care of us in return, I appreciate you. 

Soak it up. 
Today's your day. 
Here's lookin' at you, kid. 

I mean . . . cow. 


  1. Cutie dairy wife, happy cow day to you and yours.

  2. I end every day with a glass of milk...and a little square of dark chocolate!

  3. Oh, I LOVE this (and Boo just stomped his foot at me)! Apparently, bunnies are jealous of cows getting a day of appreciation.


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