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springtime in missouri

Here in Missouri, we are ready for spring. 
So, so ready. 
Unlike the United States Postal Service, we do not like snow, rain, heat or gloom of night.
(We can handle the winds of change. Heck, we'll even deal with a nation challenged, but we're so over the rest of it.)

We're ready for spring because spring means trees in bloom that are surrounded and smothered in bees.

It means hanging clothes on the line while the cows rush over to see what's flapping in the breeze. 

It means equipment leaving the barns and worms leaving the ground and birds leaving . . . wherever it is they've been hiding. 

It means trowels in the ground and seeds in packets and gloves covered with dirt.

And it means that, with a little warm weather topped with some steady sunshine, our strawberries and asparagus will make their grand entrance this spring too. 
Yes, we are ready for spring indeed. 
Are you? 


  1. Don't worry. The Post Office doesn't like snow or rain either. Let me just say that a package mailed to me the end of March has tracking information saying it should be here by the 15th of April. I think we have a better chance of Spring arriving than my package. So there's hope.

  2. You should have requested the Pony Express. Would have gotten there faster.


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