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bookish buntings

An English major can never have too many books. 
Even if they come in the form of a bunting. 
So if you need to indulge in a little book (or bunting) therapy, pull up the Martha Stewart website,  an old book you won't feel sad about dismantling, some paper and glue. 

I landed an anatomy and physiology book from the 1940s at a thrift store a few years ago. 
So naturally I'd want pictures of the human skeleton hanging in the living room. 

Once you've made your mini books (and Martha makes the process far more involved and undoubtedly beautiful here), clip them to a piece of ribbon or twine with mini clothespins (thank you, Wal-Mart!) just like you're hanging clothes on the line. 

Except for the part where it's snowing outside and anything actually on the line would be frozen in place.

If you happen to run across a helpful assistant, don't turn him down. 
Long arms come in handy. 

Martha (because we're friends like that) suggests using pieces of silk flowers in between books, but if you have paint samples on hand (like you do), you might just consider cutting those up instead. 
Then, balance one foot on the window ledge and the other on the swivel chair, hanging on precariously for dear life, while you put these up in the corner of your library. 
Or your living room. 
Or both if you can't tell the difference. 
And if it just so happens to match the blues and greens you've already got going, well, praise the Lord! It's the little things in life. 
And if anyone can tell me why my primrose is looking punky, please, by all means, holler out. 
No, seriously.  
Books and buntings. 
Libraries and living rooms. 
That's what I call a Sunday. 
What are you up to this afternoon?

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