when cauliflower gets you down

I may ruin cauliflower like no one's business, but I'm mastering the art of the stuffed pepper, and when you're a rotten cook like me, that's really something. 
I can't actually attest to their deliciousness, namely because (1) I am usually too busy asking Chris 300 questions at lunch to have time to actually eat anything and (2) he loves leftovers (or what my four-year-old self called "rotten over things.") and I don't.

Good news: I'll take his word for it. 

Delicious things to add to gigantical and colorful peppers?
Heins beef with taco seasoning
Green chiles
Diced tomatoes
Black beans
Dirty rice
Diced tomatoes 
A few squirts of lime juice
Lots o' cheese 

And if you can time it so that it's just out of the oven when this one comes home

with this beast not far behind?
Well, suddenly, the cauliflower is but a distant memory.

Just as it should be. 

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