luther on dairy farmers


  1. Luther failed to mention that Chris would be late to the Super Bowl party because there was 9 more things to do after church but before kick off. Sorry does not fall far from the tree?

  2. And Chris exceeds me in many ways, including his grammar. Make that "were 9 more things to do." Also, I don't recall Luther warning father(in-laws) of the perils of having a daughter(in-law) as editor of the Lutheran Witness. I am trying to be on my best grammatical behavior but it's(its)? not easy!

    1. Not to worry! Your vocation is cows, mine is words, and the Lord knew what He was doing when He stuck us in both. :)

  3. I love this quote! I also love that the first man was a farmer, even if he did mess up big time!


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