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home tour 2013

Since you all have asked so nicely {or basically threatened physical harm if I don't comply} to see what our little house on the dairy looks like, I present to you our . . . 
Home Tour 2013. 

Not to be confused with Home Tour 2014. That's for tomorrow. 
Just kidding. Maybe. I really do like to rearrange the furniture a lot. You never know.
This is our house in the summer when the skies are big and the cows are wishing it was 40 degrees instead of 90 and Chris is sweating to death working in the hot sun while I regale him with stories of how much I adore warm weather and actually wish it were hotter outside. 
He loves that.
He's never actually articulated it, but I'm confident he does. 
Actually, he's pretty much said the opposite. Things like, "It's so HOT" and "Cows do better in cooler weather." 
But I'm confident we're virtually on the same page. 
Up first: our kitchen. 
Yes, there's Pyrex. 
No, that's not all of it. 
Yes, there are at least 10 more boxes of it downstairs. 
And just in case you're too polite to ask, I'm fully aware it's a problem. 
But I can stop any time I want to. 
It's different with me.
Our dining room consists of all things pig, cow, chicken, Dorr and Heins. 
Toss in a crucifix, and it's just how we like it. 
I myself am partial to old things, new things, shiny things, bright things, homemade things, store-bought things, cows, pigs, cheese, bacon . . . 
and seeing his cowboy boots. 

 Our dining room table looks cute, doesn't it?
{Humor me here, people. It's our first Christmas. I'm trying.}
We registered for FiestaWare, and we love it. 
We do not, however, love that Kellee sold all of hers. 
Let's have a moment of silence for all the dishes that could have been.

We have a totes adorbs living room with a door containing a picture of Jesus that leads to nowhere. 
Actually, I just wanted to use the phrase "totes adorbs." 
The Internets tell me I can't use that after I turn 30, so I have to make good while I can. 
Chris found The Door to Nowhere in a house on a piece of his property, which is naturally why it's now in our living room. 
I'm sure you follow.
{I don't, but I'm hoping somebody here can.}
We also have what I would call, oh, a fabulous guest room, replete with turquoise, chevrons, old suitcases, and general awesomeness. 
{The awesomeness today consists of 42 piles of sheets left over from all our Christmas guests. You might want to wait a month or two to pay us a visit.}
 The Lutheran Witness magic happens here. 
All I need are two more matching banners and I could be a poster child for Duck Dynasty
What I (don't at all) hate to admit is that there's a whole other wall filled with books. 
I think that's the reason Chris married me. 
Well, that and the fact that he said, "I'm only marrying you for your books." That was the other dead giveaway. 
But this right here?
This is the favorite part of my home: the man I share it with. 
So stop on by next time you're in Missouri. Don't even bother polishing up your boots. We don't mind. We'll just be glad to see you. 


  1. Speaking of awesomeness. . .
    It totally looks like a little house on a dairy should look! Just add cowgirl boots.

  2. You totally need a picture of Jesus on the Door that depicts him as "I am the door." That would be funny

  3. And what's with the NSA like security to post on the thing? Sheesh! Next time, you're gonna have full on body pat-downs just to post a comment. "Uh, step aside, sir, we need to do a cavity search."

    1. And just in case the NSA IS watching, I know you think the current administration is totes adorbs Pr Braaten. . .

    2. My eyes aren't as good as they used to be. I stink at reading those blurry numbers. Sometimes I just give up. I figure my comment wasn't all that clever anyway.

  4. I love your wreath. And your Jesus door is...intriguing. You could scare the kids with that.

  5. Me too Gretchen. No kidding-that is one serious Jesus you've got yourself there. I'll bet His eyes follow you when you walk through the room. No one going to burgle your little house on the dairy with that picture staring at them.

  6. Love your table setting! So pretty and colorful!

  7. I thought our Lutheran family and extended family would embrace a more theologically correct living room (Jesus stands at the door and knocks Rev 3:20). Secondly....Adriane, it is heartening to see the bachelor, dorm room, steel traps on the wall, home decor exit the premises...two thumbs up on what you have done! Totes adorbs!! (but without any squealing since I'm male and over 30)

    1. Kellee and Lauren suggested a motion sensor on the door that would play a recording of, "I am the door. Knock and it shall be opened to you . . ." :)

  8. Oh, I love your home, especially your front porch light!

    Is that Anne Shirley I see on your top shelf? I have Anne on my top shelf. :)

    And why does my LORD look a bit like Robert Goulet?

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